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Welcome to my new Blog

Greetings earthlings! 🤭

Hello and welcome to my first Blog post – sounds like a boring intro?! Right, let’s skip it and let me introduce myself!

My Blog focus will always be:

  • Technology
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Security
  • Pentesting

I’m in general a person who is highly interested in every technology related topic 🤓 but I prefer to write about Windows and Android because I like both systems and I think the community deserves some quality related articles.

I’m known from several other forums and blogs and I enjoy to share my knowledge with other people around the world, cause I’m think information should be available for free for everyone. I’m also activist and I fight for net neutrality. Looking for some tutorials, gaming news? I’ll post about them too! In my spare free time I try to stream several games and create some videos.

What are my goals?

My goals are the following:

  • Ensure that my readers, yes you! get good articles on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that there aren’t any data leaks and that my blog runs on the maximum possible security settings, which means you as reader can comment and not need to fear that some data gets leaked or submitted to third-party services – you always can opt-in and decide what you like to share and like without been tracked.
  • Get enough readers/subscribers to keep this little blog alive.
  • Earn enough to buy a premium domain to get an option to disable WordPress ads and offer you a opional opt-in in advertisements to help supporting my work.
  • Share my knowledge with you and ensure that my followers stay secure and informed about upcoming threads & risks.
  • Make some friends, which means that I might grow faster if I gonna team-up with other blogs – you have something to say? How about writing on my blog as guest or co-blogger? Sharing is caring!
  • Make a new Theme on my own and a new logo (low priority) 🤥.
  • Discord / YouTube integration.
  • Driver news integration (cooperationship with

My promise

  • Once I get 2000+ €/Dollars monthly on subscribers I’ll disable all ad-services!
  • Each donator gets (if he wants) a mention on a special credits wall which stays forever!
  • More exclusive articles and guides till I reach 1500€/dollars cause then I can do this in a full-time job.
  • No spying, I hate spying and I try to secure this little Blog as much as it’s possible without breaking things in your browser.

About my person

I’m in general interested in technology and I simply like to talk about it on a higher level, I think that Facebook becomes more and more a platform for bots, st**pid people so I always prefered blogs and forums instead. Quality over quantity is the parole!

I speak several languages like russia, english, german and spanish but this blog will be only be in english only so that everyone gets the ability to follow and understand it since english is the number one language in da world.

The goal is to post at least one good post a day and some interesting information from around the world, when I have a little bit more time then I could be able to write and explain more but it’s depending on how many time I can spent per day. I’m all doing this in my spare time!

My reason why I started this Blog was to give people a platform to share their ideas and to talk about interesting changes in the world.

I hope you as reader get a far idea of what this blog is about and I hope I see your comments soon.

Thanks for your time, lean back and enjoy the blog.

Found something?

Whenever you want to stay in contact with me use my About page to use the given options.

You can submit interesting articles or submit me your ideas about the blog or interesting news you like have to be analyzed I’m open-minded and I might pickup your request to write something about it.

Thanks for your time. Let’s start blogging – I’m hungry!



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congratulations on your blog chef. you have been nice to me & i can never forget that.

if you can find a sponsor & start your own technology forum.

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Thanks for your comment, personally I can perfectly read everything just fine but I will pick your constructive critism up and change the colors with several other improvements over the next weeks.

I still hope you have some fun on my Blog.


Very bad design. It’s very hard to read gray text on a light gray background.
And more – why should be any new sentence as new text-block, but not simple a new line.


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