Proof-of-Concept: Coffee Lake CPU on Z170-Chipset

The bad news first: The CPU isn’t working correct on the old chipset. A chinese guy tried to boot the CPU on a MSI Z170A Xpower Titanium mainboard, but he has much problems getting it stabilized.


He did not only modded the BIOS, he was also forced to re-write some parts of the micro-code itself. The test CPU is a Intel Core i3-8350K (4 cores).

The problem is that the CPU isn’t detected by several Windows mechanism, which makes this project a POC only at this point, several people still have doubts that a new mainboard is needed to use the latest CPU because Intel hasn’t given much details about the real changes.

What is working?

  • Windows is booting
  • Bios is working
  • The cores are working

What won’t work?

  • The integrated GPU
  • The first PCIe-Slot on the mainboard
  • Windows seems unstable


  • Intel Core i3-8350K works on Z170 motherboard (VideoCardz)