Intel Security

Dell Becomes First Major PC Vendor to Offer Laptops with IME Disabled

Dell is going to offer several high-end laptops with the Intel Management Engine disabled. For now there 3 high-end laptops.

Intel IME
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This is in response to the recent revelations that the IME has vulnerabilities and cpu’s from the 6th gen to the 8th gen all have this cooked in. If successful, I expect other major vendors to jump on-board this strategy. However, I’m still waiting for the manufacturer of my motherboards to release some sort of patch so I can turn this off on my PC’s.

Intel recently acknowledged a security vulnerability affecting nearly every PC that shipped with a 6th, 7th, or 8th-gen Intel Core processor. While the company is working with PC makers to roll out updates to patch that vulnerability, it wouldn’t even exist if Intel hadn’t bundled a feature many users don’t need and won’t use with its latest chips.


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